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Singapore 1st WhatsApp Blasting Service is here.
The most complete & popular platform For WhatsAPP blasting and messaging advertising around the globe. Broadcast dozens and dozens of messages over our WhatsApp platform. Benefit from sending (Text – Photo – Audio – Video – vCard – Location) via our platform. Start a new campaign with just a few steps and you are all set to go.

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Q: How long would it required to blast 5,000 messages?

A: Depending on our server load. For a 5,000 message blast, it will usually take an average of 3-4 days. Correspondingly, a 500 messages blast will usually take between 12 to 24 hours to complete.

Q: We realised that the sender’s number is of an overseas origin

A: Yes, since WhatsApp does not currently supports Singapore based number for blasting due to its system algorithm issue, we may need to rely on using overseas simcards. However, as long as it gets your campaign across sent, who cares? Right?

Q: We noted certain messages are not immediately delivered

A: Due to delay in response time and servers propagation between ours and WhatsApp, this is a normal incidence. Having said that, all our messages will be delivered within a 24 hours timeframe.

Q: Can we purchase your WhatsApp database contacts?

A: We no longer selling any WhatsApp database due to privacy issues. [updated 21 April 2020]

Q: Are all messages guaranteed delivered?

A: We are unable to guarantee all messages to be sent as certain messages may lost during server data transfers. Our experience have indicated that, this is usually approx 1.5-2.5%

Q: Do you provide Platform API?

A: At present, we no longer provide any APIs.

Q: Are you certified from WhatsApp?

A: No, we have no affiliation with WhatsApp. Our servers are independent from WhatsApp and we have strict protocol on our gateway channels.

Q: We are interested and keen to know more

A: Please feel free to contact us. We are most welcome to serve you. Kindly take note that since this is a marketing campaign, we need to request a full payment before our blasting commenced.

Latest Developments

We have a database of approx. 250,000 active Singaporeans WhatsApp numbers
We have upgraded our servers to better accommodate WhatsApp broadcast algorithms