Singapore Biz Database

Singapore Business Directory in Excel Format (2023)

More than 53,000 updated and unique Singapore business leads

Searching for potential customers and suppliers is an extremely time consuming process having needed to browse through dozens and dozens of directories online.

Introducing our Singapore Business Directory in Excel Format.

We provide an Excel database consists of over 53,000 high quality contacts in order for you to source your customers and supplies efficiently.

Our database is constantly updated to ensure the highest accuracy and completeness. With this handy Excel file on hand, you are ready to start your email marketing campaign right away.

Genuine Business Directories

Which information is included?

Business company name
Phone numbers
Business address
Email address
Website address
Nature of Business
Our Price

Where are your source for the listing?

  • Online Directories
  • Facebook Pages and Linkedin Profiles
  • Business Websites
  • Business Meetups & Networking
  • Google My Business (via Google Maps)
  • Visitation to Business Outlets

Database last updated on Apr 2023.

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