Gamification Development - What & How?

  • Think of the success story of Angry Birds since 2010. Imagine substituting Angry Birds image to your own company logo and expose to millions of individuals around the world!
  • Customise your game to allow your customer a free drink once they reaches a certain level of a game process.
  • Engage your audience via social media and expose your products and services via mobile games

Development Screenshots



The U.S. Army is no stranger to using games for training purposes, but now it’s using gamification to attract new recruits and generally promote awareness of the U.S. armed forces. America’s Army has attracted millions of potential new recruits. More than a decade in the making, the U.S. Army has turned its knowledge and experience of training games into a powerful recruiting tool.


Jillian Michaels ( encourages users to stay on track with her fitness programs using gamification techniques for a number of fitness challenges. With a multitude of challenges to choose from, users can select a program that’s most closely aligned with personal goals and lifestyle. Each challenge uses its own set of gamification techniques, such as contests and prizes, badges, partner and group challenges.


Recyclebank ( rewards users for doing everyday things that are good for the environment, such as learning how to cut back on water consumption or purchasing greener products – specifically, those with the Recyclebank logo. Users earn points by working their way through a tiered series of questions and answers, learning about greener living practices and pledging to follow them, and exchanging points for rewards.


Keas ( is an employee wellness platform used by enterprises to maintain lower group health insurance costs and reduce expenses such as unnecessary sick days. Keas employs gamification within its platform, enabling employees from client companies to log in to a personal dashboard to view stats, earn awards for achievements for completing tasks, and even support co-workers for progress towards their goals.