How to order Nexus 5 in SG/ MY?

How to order Nexus 5 in SG/ MY?

Are you craving for the newly released Nexus 5?

I guess most of you do especially Android lovers. Google had officially announced and released the highly anticipated smartphone on 31 Oct 2013.

However, most of you have your dreams shattered as Nexus 5 will only be available initially in US, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Korea and Japan.

[There is no schedule available as to when Google will land this phone on our shores as of the date of this post]

The pricing of this smartphone is the most convincing factor that many gadgets lovers or budget users are eyeing for:-

The price of the Nexus 5 are as follows:-

  • The 16GB version = $349 / €349 / £300 respectively
  • The 32GB version = $400 /€400 / £340 respectively.


Despite the price of US, Korean or Japan versions are the cheaper due to exchange rate conversion, please take note that the LTE bands in these countries is not the same as in Singapore or Malaysia. If you source your units in these countries, you wont be able to enjoy LTE in either Singapore or Malaysia due to differential in LTE bands. However, you are still able to use 3G.

How to order Nexus 5 if you are staying in Singapore or Malaysia?

  1. One can use a VPN or Tor Browser to connect to a remote Google site in US, UK or the list of countries I mentioned above to place your orders.
  2. Source for a reputable parcel forwarding company so that they will able to provide you a temporary home address in those countries in order for Google to send your phone to this temporary address.
  3. The parcel forwarding company will then forward your phone to your home address in Singapore or Malaysia.
  4. You will need to create a new Google account in the listed countries for this purpose.

Update: 5 Nov 2013

Google will request to confirm your account using a SMS or Voice Message of a foreign number when creating a new Google account in foreign countries. Here’s the catch guys!

  • Fortunately, there’s a workaround on this.
  • Unfortunately, I couldn’t provide a guide to you guys here as my webpage will be tracked and ban under Google search engine.

To those who are interested to learn more can send me a message with the subject title “Order Nexus 5 from SG/MY” to

Thanks for your reading.

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